Tenerife Photography Tours

Photography tours and workshops on Tenerife

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The Canary Islands. Exotic, isolated, and spectacular.  The island of Tenerife is spectacular, rugged, and a fascinating place to photograph. Come and check it out with me and I'm sure you will agree!” 

– Olaf Reinen, tour director & professional photographer


I never mix groups of people who don't know each other - the tours are private and once you book, the time is exclusively for you. This is to maximise your time learning about photography and exploring.

Please note, the fees below are for a 2 person minimum, but you can take the tour by yourself (you just pay the fee for 2) and then you get my full attention to learn exactly what you want, and maximise our time together. Many people take this option and it is a fantastic way of learning and exploring. The maximum number you can book is 4 people. 
We will pick you up and drop you off from your hotel or cruise ship.


Private Photography Tours on Tenerife:

4 hour ‘Zoom In’  tour
See a small selection of Tenerife 

295 for 1-2 people
    (+ €100 per extra person)

5 hour ‘Highlights’  tour
See the highlights of what Tenerife has 
to offer the keen photographer 

395 for 1-2 people
  (+ €125 per extra person)

6 hour ‘More of the Island’  tour
See the best of what Tenerife has 
to offer the keen photographer, 
plus some extras!

  €495 for 1-2 people
 (+ €150 per extra person)



1 Day ‘Maximum Exposure’  tour
Take the time to explore what Tenerife has 
to offer, while learning at your own pace

695 for 1-2 people
 (+ €175 per extra person)



















(If time permits, you can add extra hours to your tour booking during the tour, at €50 per person per hour.)

 How do I choose the tour that's right for me?

 My personal recommendation is that if you have the time and budget, start looking from the five hour tour or longer.
The four hour tour is great if you have limited time, but we won't be able to see as much.

 In reality, it takes days to fully explore the Island, so we can only see a small portion in any one trip.

 The other factor is that the longer the time we have, the more we can discuss photography and learn about creating better images, and learn more about how to get the most out of your camera.


These are all private, small group tours,  and each tour will be customised to suit the group. I take a maximum of 4 adults (+ 2 children) per tour, although larger groups may be possible - just email me with your request.  

 These tours are a great way to see the best of Tenerife in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, while learning how to improve your camera skills and photography.

 - Custom or Multi-Island Tours are available on request, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

 - Booking of any tour is acceptance of our terms and conditions.